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Woven Fabric


Woven fabric is produced by interlinking two or more yarns called “warp” or “weft” at right angles to each other. This weaving technique gives out creative designs and can be made strong or light by changing the number and pattern of the yarns. More the yarns, better the fabric shape. Woven fabrics are widely in use because of their durable nature and versatility in styling. To acquire fabric of specific attributes, the weaving patterns can be modified likewise. The stretchability is quite low in woven fabrics; however, you can see the stretch in the diagonal direction of the warps or wefts. The frayed ends in woven fabric can be simply dealt with by hemming or pinking shears. With the advent of machineries, weaving numerous patterns in bulk amounts has become a cake walk. Some famous weave patterns include plain weaves, basket weave, twill weaves, satin weave, and more such.

Woven Textiles Manufacturer

Jcrafteco is your best-in-class woven fabric supplier of all sorts of fabrication needs. We are here to understand your organic woven textile requirement and arrange for you the same with high-end quality. Leave it to us managing the perfect blend of patterns, yarns, colors and designs. We ensure our entire process gives out sustainable clothing. Our weaving looms are also designed to reduce the carbon emission and create natural woven fibers. Just choose your pick from our never-ending list of fabric types such as satin, twill, denim, flannel, khadi, muslin, etc. We work with the Pantone color schemes for the dyes, which give you a vibrant selection of colors.

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