Ordering Jcrafteco


Thank you for your interest in acquiring Jcrafteco® Fabric for your brand, it is important to read the following information before proceeding to contacting us.


If you are a new customer, please determine if you want to place sample yardage order or purchase a swatch-book. Swatch-book price is USD $50.00 + Shipping.

*Digital catalogue is available upon request.


Sample yardage is only available for materials in stock and is NOT subjected to MOQ, you can either request our team to quote freight to your destination or provide your courier account.

*We do not provide custom sample yardage. If you require custom yardage it will fall into the development category with a 100kg MOQ.


If you require a custom material (e.g. specific color, texture, backing, thickness, technical characteristics etc.) your development will be subjected to a 100Kg MOQ.

*An A4 size sample will be developed for your approval prior to production, development fee is USD $100.00 for aesthetics (per lab-dip or/and texture), if further technical characteristics are required, costs may vary.


Swatch-books 1 week
Sample yardage & In-stock purchase orders 1-2 weeks
Custom developments & productions 3-4 weeks

Further information: Our materials width is 1Kg, we can either ship by one linear meter per color or continuous yardage. All prices are EX-WORKS, if you require another shipping service, please contact our team for further assistance. Some in-stock articles are limited, like our Temporary line, which are also subjected to price, color, texture, thickness and material configuration (backing changes) without prior notice, if you are interested in an standardized material, please request your own development. Our best efforts to maintain an standard line material stock free of MOQ will be provided.

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