Our Heritage

JCrafteco is a privately owned, multi-generation family business with global partnerships with some of the biggest brands as a fully integrated garment manufacturing company for over 5-6 years.

We are committed to serving our partners through superior product design, quality manufacturing with competitive pricing and timely deliveries.

We are a people oriented company and believe in positive social and forward-thinking business practices with all our stakeholders<./p>

With a vast global presence and manufacturing units based in South India, JCrafteco offers R&D, design, fabric procurement, sampling, CAD, embroidery, printing, quality control, production, washing and finishing both in woven & knit wear categories.

We prioritise our community and the environment which is why our business and manufacturing practices are ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our Vision and Values

Growing your brand’s profitability by delivering high quality garments is our top priority. That is why we produce cost effective, quality apparel.

Collaboration and transparency are part of building a mutually beneficial partnership. With these values, we are sure to create a strong and profitable relationships. We also pride ourselves on the long term relationships that we have built with our vendors, suppliers and employees.

What distinguishes us from others in the business is our commitment to each and every stake holder involved with us. We constantly ensure that our customers get great value. Our profits are distributed across all our community. Together, we are an extended family and our sense of loyalty and fair play has ensured that we remain so. In fact, we have a very low attrition rate – almost all our staff has been with us since we started operations.

We strive to make the fashion industry more sustainable through constant innovation and institution of environment-friendly technologies and practices across our supply chain.

Our Expertise

  • Experienced Team
  • Collaboration and Transparency
  • Long term Partnerships
  • Creative Design and Technical Studio
  • Strong Sourcing and Procurement
  • Proactive Merchandising
  • Quality Eco-friendly Manufacturing
  • Experts in Value Addition
  • Ethical Stakeholder Practices
  • Strong Sustainable Initiatives
  • Global Presence
  • Competitive Cost
  • Efficient and short lead times

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability and the environment transcends to every level of the supply chain.

Our strong partnerships with mills means we can directly source raw materials, offering the latest sustainable, recycled and eco-friendly materials, toxic-free dyeing and printing processes. All our suppliers are certified with appropriate accreditations.

Our design team thinks of sustainable design solutions from fabric weaving to garment execution which helps us imbibe sustainable thinking throughout the process.

With a core focus on reducing our carbon footprint we transition our energy usage into renewable energy sources. Our facilities are equipped with solar panels which has reduced our carbon emissions by over a 1000+ tons till date. We strive to reduce our fabric wastage through meticulous and efficient design and cutting.

Our Social Responsibility

The concept of Hope, Opportunity and Happiness is our version of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is the core of our ethos. We believe it is our duty to give back to the communities we work with by helping create a sustainable future. We aim to develop a process that helps address health care, education and sanitation needs of India.

We feel the future of manufacturing and sourcing is to develop a cooperative model with craftsmen that brings the opportunity directly to them. Our beginning steps for this are seen at our Devi Maa Apparel Park (DMAP). DMAP is a village that we have adopted with the goal of uplifting and empowering those living in the village by providing job opportunities, healthcare, education, and land to cultivate. DMAP will be the first of many cooperative manufacturing and wellness villages we will develop in India. Your business directly contributes to the empowerment and future of these goals.

Our Services

JCrafteco ’s teams ensure seamless integration of processes to offer a lean and efficient supply chain.

  • R&D
  • PRODUCTION - CAD Sewing and Finishing Quality Control Embellishments and Embroidery Printing

Our Design Studio

Staying connected with trend companies and frequent visits to leading reputed fabric mills and global tradeshows, gives us foresight to upcoming trends and fashion forecasts. This enables us to prepare collection for our customer presentations.

Through Ongoing research and development, we continue to introduce new product range with our existing customers and constantly broaden our customer network.

Our in-house technical designers are experts in translating product designs and research into CADs and perfect techpacks ready for sampling.

Once we receive the trend research, the entire design team starts working on fabric sourcing through our partner mills. Our textile designers also develop copyright prints and surface designs.

Dedicated sampling unit that makes upto 150 styles per month ready to show our clients.

We lay immense pride in translating our research and development into commercially apt and retail-ready samples. Our design team maintains a sound balance of retail sensibilities and design aesthetics.

Our Fabric Capabilities

Our extensive sourcing network can source, develop and prototype various textiles and fabrics both commercial and novelty covering wovens, knits and lightweight denims.

We have partnerships with mills for sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, dyeing and printing with relevant certifications.

We have the ability to provide both natural and artificial sustainable fabrics including organic cottons, rayons, recycled polyesters and viscoses and other new eco-friendly fibers.

Our design studio is constantly developing innovative and new surface textures, prints and embellishments providing a variety of trendy and market-relevant designs for our buyers.

With in-house embroidery and embellishments, both hand and machine, we have the ability to cater to wide range of requirements for brands.

Our Manufacturing Capacities

Our Manufacturing Capacity is 300,000 pieces/month

Our factories have been audited by Intertek to ensure we are following the safest and best practices in supply chain security. We have been awarded Global Security Verification and Elevate certificates. This means we can offer tight quality control with lean manufacturing.

These socially compliant factories are capable of turning around PO to Shipping within 50-90 days lead time.

Our Product Categories

Women’s > Tweens > Girls > Boys > Plus-size

Knits > Wovens > Ready-to-wear > Sports > Accessories

Tops > Dresses > Bottoms > Lightweight Denims > Cover-ups > Accessories

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