Our Brands Says

Ms. Lyer

UDG, Bangalore


Om Sai Ram We have immense pleasure in working your esteemed organisation . The Very first we bought was like any person's mind on believe in goods but just word of yours . But when we received it was just an occation to celebrate for following reasons ... 1- Yarn quality and TP picked was good 2- knitted fabric test made it all pass without any open loop . this shows checking of 100% goods at mill level 3- Technically sound knitting had been done ie the loop length, guage was pitch perfect ... 4- we got fabric in tumbler and normally when you slit open skewing happens but here to our.very surprise did Slit and the cutting was exact on seam mark .. The mos important part is the Cost .. i would recommend not to miss this mill's fabric where you get quality At Nominal Best price too .

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