Blog | 03 Dec 2022

When a person thinks of a good quality, sustainable and organic product, they would want nothing but the best for their own good. In this era where so many people around the world are making a hard effort to increase quality and sustainability, JCRAFTECO is one of the top companies where you will get all certified Organic fabrics that are produced keeping in consideration that no pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical have been used. JCRAFTECO believes that a fabric can only be organic as long as 95% of the fabric contains the organic fabric. There is a huge demand for organic clothing, organic cosmetic products, Organic food packets, etc in the whole world which is resulting in more environmentally friendly fabrics on demand. Researches have shown that there is more search for organic and sustainable use of fabrics.

Blog | 18 Aug 2022

Both hemp and bamboo are natural fibers that can be used to make a variety of products. But which one is more sustainable? Here are five reasons why hemp is more sustainable than bamboo.

Blog | 05 Aug 2022

What is woven fabric? How is it different from knitted fabric? Find out in this post. We'll explore the differences between the two types of fabrics and discuss some of their pros and cons

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