About Us

What is Jcrafteco?

Jcrafteco is the India’s first platform where every finest organic fabric you can think of is available with GOTS guarantee. The dyes used are all 100 percent natural, certified inks and is oeko-tex approved.

We are the quintessence of organic PURITY. The quality of the yarns and fabric we produce is impeccable.

We are working towards changing the whole fashion world with set of UNIQUE fabrics, some of which are produced from waste but could do wonders! They are not only versatile but come with great durability.


Organic is not something you could buy, but FEEL.

We are strong followers of SUSTAINABILITY and ETHICS being our strongest suit when it comes to defining us. Our efforts are in the direction of INNOVATION.

Have you ever heard of fabrics made of honey or Aloe vera?

Yes, we offer the range of VEGETAL fabrics that would astound you and you won’t help but keep reading and getting curious.


Our beginning is dedicated to those Indian farmers who fought hard to pay off the loans and eventually committed suicide. It’s a national catastrophe.

Our farmers are givers. They provide us everything for too little. We need them every day.

Jcrafteco aims to support the local community farmers by providing them stable work and toxic free farmlands to work in. Farming is a profession of hope we will give them RAYS OF HOPE every day.

The farmlands have local farmers working who could spend quality time with their families without worrying about their earnings and crops.

There is no use of toxic pesticides or insecticides and that gives them healthy life benefit, along with improved soil fertility.

This platform is ‘DESI’. Its 100 percent MAKE-IN-INDIA and is an exemplification of ‘AATMNIRBHARTA’, meaning ‘SELF-SUSTAINING’.

There is an added benefit which Jcrafteco is very keen in providing; Female employment encouragement.

More than 70 percent of the farmers and employees are female who are standing tall and accepting every challenge, moving forward and becoming self-reliant to feed their family.

Our vision of livelihood is extended to all the farmers and employees.

We at Jcrafteco pledge to commit to our promises.

  • Local community (farmers) support
  • Make In India
  • Self-Sustaining
  • Eco-friendly
  • Female employment
  • Health & well-being of farmers
  • Safer on skin
  • Best quality assured

Are you a budding fashion entrepreneur who needs a mark of TRUST for starting his/her sustainable brand? You just need to seek help and we will be there with you from the beginning till the end.


You START your brand; we help you complete the JOURNEY.

There is no support better than CONSULTATIONS. And we offer it FREE of cost.

From managing the finances to selecting the best fabrics for your need, from choosing the best manufacturing units to the most efficient packaging, the best of our team will HELP you at every stage.

Do you know how confused one can be, when it comes to selecting the range of fabrics and trusting the manufacturers?

We will not only make it easier for you by assisting in getting in touch with the right people, but also aid you get WISER with your decisions, every day.

We want you to be leaders who could give VOICE to their brands without talking.

It’s Jcrafteco’s vision to see sustainable clothing brands rise, throughout the world.


If you are a sustainable brand that wants hassle-free work, you are going to love us.

We at Jcrafteco offer every kind of customization in fabrics, style and fit


We even offer to help you with delivering the final products with any custom design and blend of fabrics.

We can help you with the most useful blend of fabrics that would keep the organic purity in check and various vibrant colors that organic fabrics look best in.

This is the sweetest deal.

Your organic apparel start-up will undoubtedly be an easy task, because the burden is ours, not yours.


Sustainable Fabrics we work with:

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Bamboo
  • Aloe vera
  • Honey
  • Tencel
  • Viscose
  • Modal etc

The garment you choose should make one feel elated and should not make one feel guilty of costing one's planet.

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