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Cotton Woven Fabric


Cotton is quite clearly the first choice for any clothing needs. The abundance of cotton fibers makes it easy to get you a variety of skin-soft fabric, making it a desirable all time comfort wear. Organic cotton is a sustainable fiber plant grown with zero harm to the soil and least water pollution as compared to the conventional cotton. The woven cotton textile gives you a smooth feel and the texture can be changed with the weave type, yarn count and grainline. Durable, strong fibers of cotton plant can be easily woven and dyed in various shades as per your needs. The water absorption capacity, breathable setting and versatile weaving makes it all the more popular. Every textile product be it in fashion (T-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, socks) or the utility (bed sheets, towels, curtains, pillows) is now available in organic cotton fabric.

Organic Cotton Fabric Manufacturer

Jcrafteco is your one stop natural cotton fiber textile provider in India. Our eco-friendly cotton production involves chemical free weaving and dyeing process and high grade of recycling by-products. We use only GOTS certified methods for the entire fabrication of organic cotton fiber. With custom made designs, we will deliver you immaculate woven cotton fabric with all its natural properties intact. The soft cotton fabric can be used in clothing for babies, women, office workers, skin-sensitive people, and even the older age groups. A multifunctional textile is what everyone’s looking for, right? Order your ideal cotton fabric online with us and encourage your customers to move towards a brighter future with the organic woven fabric.

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