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Aloe Vera Woven Fabric


Aloe vera, the “Sanjeevani” plant, shows its magical properties even when used to weave clothes. The amazing content of nutrients and skin-essential compounds present in aloe vera gel make it a great choice for clothing fiber. Our history is the proof of how the aloe vera plant was used for rejuvenating skin, fighting against infections and its anti-aging effects. The Aloe Fiber is made by fusing gel microcapsules within the yarn and then weaving them into different patterns. The capsules are well protected from the outer conditions by a protective layering. These capsules only when rubbed against the skin, open up to let the aloe vera inside freshen up the skin. They make up for good quality inner garments, warm clothes and infant wear because of the everlasting goodness of aloe vera.

Natural Aloe Vera Fabric Manufacturer

The Aloe Vera textiles have caught up the new market trends, as the yarns can be woven into any fashion item. Highly durable, soft texture and the anti-microbial qualities of this organic fiber make it even more desirable for everyday use. Here at Jcrafteco, we retain the unique features of this plant gel while also crafting comfortable textiles from it. This fabric is gonna keep you insulated from the weather, free from odor and fit you like a second skin, even after several washes. Available in all colors and patterns, try our sustainable aloe vera fabric today. Tell us about your needs and we will cater to you with custom made woven textiles with an ecological approach!

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