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Organic Bamboo Woven Fabric


Bamboo is a globally cultivated, fast growing, natural fiber plant gaining popularity in the fabric industry due to its numerous qualities. Knowing the correct type of bamboo for fabrication and working on it ecologically is what we do. With the texture of silk and smoothness of cotton, bamboo fabric is used for every type of clothing. It has inbuilt anti-bacterial and hypoallergic traits to protect your skin from the usual skin irritation. Bamboo wear is your season-fit partner with its moisture absorption, breathability, stretch, insulation from the heat/cold and odor free features. Classically woven bamboo fabric can be used to design any casual garments, inner wear, blankets, towels, socks, t-shirts, and many skin-touch clothes. The durability of this fabric makes you comfortable with the airy feel.

Bamboo Fabric Manufacturer

Jcrafteco is a top-quality, sustainable bamboo textile producer in India delivering remarkable varieties of natural textile. Our bamboo fabric is produced in a chemical free environment and minimum water usage. Firstly, we extract the bamboo cellulose from its trunk and prepare the fibers in natural liquids. We finish the process by spinning yarns from the washed fibers and then weaving them into desired patterns. For better results, we also make blended bamboo cotton fabric, bamboo hemp fabric, bamboo silk fabric and more such combinations. The relative content of different materials enhances the performance of the final products. The weaving pattern and yarn count is adaptable as per the function of the fabric.

Come and take a look at the variety of organic bamboo fabric we cater for all your fashion raw material requirements. You will be definitely amazed with our products!

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