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Knit Fabric


This type of fabric is made from a single yarn looped continuously to give a braided look. This knitting technique is usually completed using 2 needles and a big yarn ball. The interlocking of these loops is created with two components, vertical - Wales and horizontal - Courses. Their intersection is what defines the finesse of your fabric. The manual crafting procedures have now passed on to heavy machineries which has ultimately turned it into a piece of cake. Likewise, the advances in stitching technology have made possible to enhance the stability and workability of the fabrics. These features make it popular to be used in everyday life as it gets as comfy as a second skin.

Sustainable Knitted Fabric

Earlier, this stretchy, wrinkle-free fabric was most preferred for hosiery garments due to its easy handling and quick manufacturing methods. But today it stands out for clothing ranging from undergarments, casual wears to even the intricate designer wear.

Knitted fabrics can be turned into a variety of textures depending upon the stitches they possess. Double knits, warp knits, weft knits, tricot knits, jersey fabrics, etc. are a few types to name which can be made with artistic knit techniques. Jcrafteco deals with all these and many more knitted fabrics having excellent product quality along with sustainable efforts regarding the entire process.

Organic Knit Fabric Manufacturer

Skim through the different eco-friendly textile options here to have a look at the wonderful fabric patterns and styles. You will surely find the one made for just you!

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