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Aloe Vera Knit Fabric


“Aloe vera”, well known as the wonder plant, shows its yet another significance in textile manufacturing. Microcapsules are made from the gel content of the plant and incorporated into the fibers which are knitted further to convert to fabrics. The content is protected from the outer conditions by the melamine or polymeric coating and released only when the fabric is touched or rubbed. This is why inner garments and skin-close garments are generally preferred with this material. When the fiber comes in contact with skin, the aloe gel infuses its virtues into the skin cells.

The Aloe Vera Fiber is creatively crafted with the help of micro encapsulation technology to add the amazing qualities of aloe vera itself. It has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-allergic qualities along with bad-smell absorption capacities to keep the wearer refreshed. It also acts as a great insulator to protect you from extreme cold or hot temperatures. The insides of the fiber encapsulating gels can bear up to 130oC and retain their traits. All these benefits of aloe vera fiber fabric make it desirable for people with sensitive skins – which often involve infants and their mothers.

Organic Aloe Vera Fabric Manufacturers

A 100% plant-based fiber is your best shot at getting an organic fabric that not only rejuvenates your skin-cells but also reduces aging and conserves your delicate skin. New researches are proving how successful is this attempt to manufacture garments solely from biodegradable elements. Jcrafteco is taking effective steps towards a better tomorrow with these modern-day textiles. You can surf through stunning varieties of designs and sizes available with us. Rest assured of the quality and stability of our products as you’re getting it from the best!!

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