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Organic Cotton Knit Fabric


Cotton clothes are the first choice of a regular shopper who knows the worth of this plant fiber. Found almost everywhere on earth, it is a naturally grown, fresh, soil-friendly plant with remarkable qualities in its seeds and outer fibers. It has a soft silk-like feel to it, which hugs around your body and still feels light. Attributes of natural cotton clothing are described as high tensile strength, durability, moisture absorbent, soft fragrance and versatile applications. Due to its ideal form, almost every fabric type can be fused with cotton and it will be as amazing as it gets. With the small or large percentage of cotton content with other fiber material, its uses vary from commercial to industrial textile needs.

Sustainable Cotton Fabric Manufacturer

India is one of the largest cotton producers in the world and that is all a boon of our rich culture and fertile geography. A variety of cotton plants are used across verticals for their particular textures. Our production unit deals with the farm delivered cotton seeds, processes them into long strands of fibers which are finally spun into yarns. Our unique color palette is made of natural, chemical-free dyes so, the essence of cotton textile is retained. Our fabrics can be then crafted into shirts, dresses, summer-wear, formals, bathrobes, duvets, blankets, towels, and what not. Its easy availability and less resources make cotton fabric an economical textile as well.

Jcrafteco is here to get you stunning organic cotton fabric, with beautiful patterns and colors. Pick your shade and get started upon your fashion line with our finest quality cotton textile.

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