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Hemp Knit Fabric


Hemp is a naturally well-grown, chemical free and industrially helpful fiber plant. It innumerous uses spread across the food, utility, clothing and fuel verticals give proof of how amazing are the components of this plant. The inborn fiber qualities of this plant make it super easy for the manufacturers to work upon any fabric requirements. Its compatibility with other plant products like cotton and bamboo just enhance its strength and durability for a wider usage. Its excellent breathability is what makes the wearer comfortable regardless of the weather. Soft texture, sturdiness, lightweight, insulated design, and knitted pattern is why the hemp fabric is an all-rounder. All sorts of attires, fashionable outfits, season-fit appearances, bedding sheets, table clothing and much more, all from just one fabric.

Hemp Fabric Manufacturers

Jcrafteco is your complete solution for hemp fabric needs. Our aim is to deliver high-end quality, ultra-durable, eco-friendly hemp textile without tampering with the anti-microbial and natural absorbent attributes of the fibers. Hemp textiles are known for the less stretching, and consistent fabric properties which even after several washes retains the shape and texture. The blended versions of hemp cotton fabric, hemp bamboo fabric or hemp silk fabric, are also precisely crafted to balance each of their characteristics in a single fabric. The knitting is done with a smooth and a brushed texture on opposite sides, which gives it dual applicability. Our fabrication process ensures no harm is done to the source and the final product fulfills all your expectations. Order your stock today from the best organic hemp fabric suppliers and see how well products turn out!

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