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Bamboo Knit Fabric


The most abundant and fastest growing plant – bamboo, is a classic material for best quality of comfortable garments. The natural benefits and manufacturing ease of bamboo textile has made it quite prevalent in the modern-day fashion. As we look around for more renewable options, plant-based clothing comes out as the best prospect. Different ways to convert the bamboo cellulose into fibers and then into yarns which are knitted for clothes, have been introduced in the mainstream production. Jcrafteco focuses upon retaining the innate characteristics of the bamboo plant and merging in the useful aspects of product designs. Key features of organic bamboo fiber fabric include silk-smooth texture, strength, stretchability, thinner appearance, endurance and a versatile range.

Bamboo Fabric Manufacturer

Bamboo knit textile is manufactured in a wholesome ecological manner. We firstly extract the bamboo cellulose from its plant body and squeeze them into an enzyme-mixed paste for fiber formation. Finally, these fibers are collected and spun into yarns for further fabrication. As all the by-products are natural components, they can be reused in a sustainable way. This process also allows us to yield colored bamboo fabrics with desired patterns just like cotton. Its adaptability is the reason why undergarments, t-shirts, socks, bed sheets, blankets, towels, etc. can be easily made from it. Almost competing with cotton products, bamboo fabric is now the newest item on your shopping list.

Jcrafteco offers you numerous varieties of organic bamboo knit fabric in your choice of shade and style. Browse through the library and see how economical our pricing plans are for you and your business!

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