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Would you wear a t-shirt made of aloe vera or honey? Surprised! Well, organic fabric, or fabric made in a completely sustainable manner, is not a thing for the future anymore. It is, in fact, the present of the apparel industry, if you please! The current pandemic may have increased the awareness as well as demand for organic apparel among the public, setting new standards in sustainable clothing but one woman who foresaw the trend before most of the others is Jalpa Patel, the dynamic, young founder of JCraft – manufacturer of Land to Wear Bio-technological organic fabric. Jalpa came up with this path-breaking venture after she realized that the quality of alternative fabrics in the market was not up to the mark. And today, JCraft is one of the leading manufacturers of woven & knit organic fabric made from unconventional materials such as organic cotton, aloe vera, hemp, honey and bamboo.

An Inspired Woman

JCraft, India’s first finest organic fabric platform with the coveted GOTS guarantee was born out of a personal experience. Jalpa used to get rashes whenever she tried to wear any fabric other than cotton, especially during the humid climate. For the sake of experimentation, she even ordered an organic T-shirt of a foreign brand, which came at a premium cost, mind you! However, she quickly realised that the fabric used to manufacture that T-shirt was not exactly of optimum quality. Most of us may not realise the intricate details like the weave of a fabric but with Jalpa’s family background (her husband and brother run a textile company), she was able to discern the limitations of the so-called organic product. So, she thought why not create organic fabric herself! What also fuelled her mind was the desire to become a businesswoman, once again owing to her family business. Thus started the journey of brand JCraft to become the quintessential ambassador of organic PURITY.

The JCraft Story

At JCraft, Jalpa’s team uses 100% natural dyes, certified inks and a pure, sustainable process to produce impeccable quality fabric. Their mission is to work towards “changing the whole fashion world with our set of unique fabrics, which are biodegradable and 100% organic!” These versatile fabrics are also highly durable and, the best part is, they are biodegradable. Now that is something the earth could do with, especially since we now know that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter industry, right after oil, in the world. The environment needs to breathe and Jalpa’s products help the air do just that.

Telling us more about JCraft and its aims, Jalpa says, “Organic is not something you could only buy, but also FEEL. We are strong followers of sustainability and ethics being our strongest suit when it comes to defining us. Our efforts are in the direction of innovation.” Right now, JCraft is selling fabric in the wholesale market as well as to private labels. They also manufacture customized t-shirts in bulk for clients that include fashion brands too. They invite designers, especially budding ones, to share their vision of an organic product and then they put their heads together to help the client realise their dream of a beautiful, sustainable garment.

It is this innovation that has driven JCraft to achieve the distinction of creating durable fabrics out of absolutely natural, safe, and responsibly-procured crops such as organic cotton, hemp, aloe vera, bamboo, etc. At JCraft, they want to promote a sustainable lifestyle keeping the environment in our heart and helping people wear responsibly.

Jalpa’s efforts towards creating a sustainable lifestyle brand are commendable no doubt! Being a woman, she is more conscious about the fabric choices that are beneficial for her skin and it is this personal quest that gave birth to JCraft. Besides, organic fabric is beneficial for the environment as well, which makes it a great commodity to invest in. After all, the environment needs to be saved for the future!

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