For example, if we talk about Hemp,

·        Hemp is called a super fiber.

·        It is renewable and a sustainable fiber.

·        The fabrics which are made out of Hemp are UV resistant, absorb moisture, and Thwart mildew.

·        It is 8 times stronger than cotton.

·        Best used for clothing as it is comfortable, durable, Gentle on skin & Biodegradable

JCRAFTECO also provides fabrics made from Bamboo:

·        Bamboo offers a natural and comfortable fabric.

·        It is mostly described as a sustainable fabric for clothing.

·        Clothes made from bamboo work as a natural insulator, moisture absorbent, and are soft and comfortable for the skin.

We also have fabrics like Jute:

·        Jute is an eco-friendly fabric and is made from plant fibers.

·        It also works as a natural insulator

·        It is durable and breathable

·        It has low-thermal conductivity.And none other than everyone’s favorite, Cotton, and when it comes to cotton, JCRAFTECO ensures that the cotton has been grown without the use of any kind of harmful pesticides or defoliants. Although, there are so many important aspects that have to be kept in mind while growing cotton and our team works day and night to ensure that the bestest quality is provided to the clients. Along with the above-mentioned fabrics, we also offer different unique kinds of fabrics all over India. We ensure that the fabrics that we produce are having the environmental benefits mentioned as below:

·        Building more income for local farmers

·        Humans and animals are not affected/exposed to chemicals , pesticides or herbicides

·        Build biologically diverse agricultural environment

·        Replenishes and maintains soil fertility

·        Fabrics like cotton are can be used to produce food products/food chain and not only for clothing chain

·        No chemicals or pesticides are used when growing organic fabrics in the farm.

Hence, this proves that there are so many factors that are taken into consideration while offering you the types of fabrics, resulting in making JCRAFTECO, the best place and should be the first choice to buy Organic and sustainable Fabric.

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